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Happy Soul: Finding Love


Have you ever woken up in the morning and just ‘known’ that the day was going to be a bad one? Every bit of your body aches, your heart is heavy and you shift from room to room to get ready to repeat the day previous. You eat the same bowl of cereal, shower for the same amount of time only to dress in the same uniform. Nothing has changed, but the dark energy consumes you. Have you ever noticed that these days almost always do end up being horrendous or exhausting?

You get home with your whole body rejecting everything and everyone. You lash out at loved ones just because you need a vent and they are the only ones you trust to keep loving you despite your temper. You sit on the couch and ‘zone out’ to meaningless television shows, desperately searching for drama, just so that you know that someone else’s life is worse than yours.

It’s easy to write off these days, in fact, it’s easier to leave them behind you completely. You justify the coincidence by saying you have some deep-seeded instinct that allows you to predict such things. But have you ever stopped to wonder if maybe you were the cause? If we wake with negative emotions, hatred, hurt…could it be possible that those thoughts shape our entire day just because our perception has changed. A million wonderful things could happen in the space of those 24 hours but because our mind is only open to registering the hurtful, that’s all we see.

Not convinced? Scientists now believe that our reality may in fact be a reflection of inner justifications, that our outside world is actually a product of our inside world, rather than the contrary. In fact, “the brain processes four hundred billion bits of information a second but we are only aware of two thousand of those” (Dr. Joe Dispenza). In our association with our ‘reality’ we just happened to misplace around three hundred and thirty billion bits of information per second that we did not process, either because we couldn’t comprehend or our emotion and biochemical make-up of any individual day affected our outlook.

If our mood is powerful enough to affect our perception, what do you think it is doing on a deeper level? If it has the ability to affect our sensations, what might it be doing internally, to our cells? “There is a part of the brain called the hypothalamus…it’s like a little factory and it is a place that assembles certain chemicals that match certain emotions that we experience” (Dr. Joe Dispenza). The chemicals are known as peptides, they form hormones that latch themselves to the cells of our bodies and affect our very chemical make-up. These cells become addicted to the hormones we feed them. If we are constantly feeding our body with positive, loving peptides then on a daily basis we crave that love. We begin to search for people, places or things that offer us those feelings so that the cells in our body can receive that ‘kick’. But it works the other way around too. Have you ever known a person who is so hard-done-by that they believe the whole world is against them and can’t snap out of such negative thought patterns? Not only do their cells crave people, places and circumstances that feed them that kick of self-worthlessness, but they begin to deprive their body of essential nutrients that are blocked by the angry, carcinogenic cells they have allowed their body to produce.

Challenge: Happy Soul challenges you to wake up in the morning and do something to show yourself (and the world around you) love. Open your eyes and prepare for a beautiful new day. Look in the mirror and see past the little things that make you feel worthless. You are not worthless. You are incredible, remarkable and completely unique. Look into your eyes and send yourself love. Choose foods that fill your body with love and health. Choose friends that encourage you and make you feel happy. Find little parts of your daily life that brings you joy. There are always choices in life, if you are willing to make them.