Happy Soul: What Do You Believe?


Believe in your convictions. It’s something we are always told, from when we are young children. Believe in yourself; believe in your ability to make a difference. At what point do we lose that? Somewhere along the way we join a crowd, adapting principles that we are told will get us further. We start to go with the grain, because it’s easier than going against it. We start believing that we need to fight violently to preserve a sense of patriarchy that a few big-pocketed moguls work had to ingrain us with. As young as primary school, we are taught about borders, and the lines that separate us from them. It is beneficial to a few profit-seekers for an entire nation to be ready and willing to go to war at the drop of a hat. If we are running low on oil, we need soldiers who are willing to fight another country for it. Worst of all, we have been taught about judgement. We learn to judge ourselves, and the people around us, so that we lose our hope of standing up for what we believe in through fear of reticule.  By extension, we have learned to hate.

At Happy Heart Happy Soul, we believe in fulfilment. By living your life with integrity and a peaceful heart, you can achieve a sense of freedom that no war could ever grant. Health is not an image offered to us on the cover of a magazine. It starts in the soul, and radiates into every aspect of our lives. If you were to have 15 minutes alone with yourself, what would you learn? If you were to sit in a quiet room, listening to your own consciousness, would you feel peace or shame? So often, people that I have spoken to prefer a busy life, not wishing to have too much time alone with their own thoughts. I propose that this is because our thoughts have so often been handed to us by another. Not believing we are good enough comes from trying to be like somebody else. Not believing that we are smart enough, brave enough, strong enough…these things are materialistic images offered to us by those who want us to occupy our thoughts with a sense of mediocrity. Rebellion can be avoided by a group of people who are not willing to stand up for what they believe in. Take some time to get to know yourself again. Find love in the small imperfections that make you perfectly you. Can you imagine how damaging it would be to your body to fill it with feelings of inadequacy?

Above all, discover what you truly believe in. Break free from preconceived ideas and discover your own affirmations. Only then will you begin to see through the unnecessary that has become so much of our life.

I believe in peace trumping war every time. I believe that collectively we will achieve freedom, but separately we will achieve only hate. I believe in the simple things, in the sunrise and the freshly blooming daisies. I believe that they can be so much more beautiful than any object that money could possibly buy. I believe in the pursuit of preservation, in learning how to work with the earth instead of destroying it. Above all, I believe in making a peaceful stand against those who try to rule by telling us how we ought to live and what we ought to fight for.

What do you believe in?

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